Exploring a new data economy

Corporate use of data is at an inflection point. As the opportunities to use data to drive business increase, so do public expectations of how that data is used. Consumers demand greater control of their data, require more transparency, and expect a more equitable experience when engaging with brands and data-powered platforms.

As a result, a new economy has emerged: a data economy. It raises hard questions about privacy, transparency, ethics, and the equitable exchange of data between users and companies. While government regulations evolve to meet those critical needs, it’s imperative that industries align and cultivate new solutions through technology and business model innovation.

Introducing the R/GA Data Venture Studio

The R/GA Data Venture Studio is structured to help established companies identify gaps in today’s models and leverage innovation through engaging with emerging technology-enabled data startups selected from across the globe.

The goal of the Studio will be to foster engagement between brands and emerging tech companies that lead to assessing, testing, piloting, and launching new solutions. Together, we’ll match every output to what’s best for the consumer and the brand, so data is used to add value when and where it’s appropriate.

Areas of Interest

New Value Exchange Models
Data Security
Privacy Tech
Data Literacy
Data Traceability
Data Ethics

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